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We provide technology companies around the world with efficient access to the best IT human resources in LATAM..



Our Mission Is To Make It Easier For Technology Companies To Access The Most Excellent It talent In Latam

Since 2018, we have been working for the technology industry. We understand its problems and needs.

We provide you with LATAM resources that meet the ideal combination of technical conditions, languages, costs, and time zones to work on projects in the USA, LATAM and Europe.


The risk of hiring personnel in a direct way is reduced, which allows you to forget about HR management and focus on your business goals.


The most talented people with expertise, knowledge, and skills are available for your current and future projects. This will rapidly increase your team’s level of competitiveness and will also impact positively to your entire organization.


Costs are reduced since the hiring of specific profiles lasts only for the duration of your project.

Benefits of using a staff augmentation strategy


It reduces time periods related to the recruitment and the selection of the required profiles, enabling the access to the best LATAM talents in both a fast and an efficient way.


The control of the resources is always in your hands, as if it were your own! You will be able to supervise activities and manage productivity in order to fulfill the goals of your project.


It responds to the requirements of your project in both a fast and an efficient way, as well as to the demanding changes in the market.

How we do it

We work on demand

To find the ideal resource for your specific need.

We make individual budgets

To seek efficiency in our budgets and to present the lowest possible costs to you

We work with your budget

To achieve an efficient process and to only present you with the resources that are an economic success for your project.


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