QA Testers Training – Theoretical

This is a certification to know the techniques and testing tools of a software project to be able to perform as Software Tester QA. Enter the IT industry through Software Testing.
It incorporates a work methodology that improves efficiency and productivity.
It goes deeper into each of the stages of the Testing process, in order to apply it to the different contexts of the practice of the activity.
Learn with real professionals in activity, who will transmit good practices and numerous examples of real Testing projects.

QA Testers Training – Practical

This is a certification for those who want to experience the Testing Process, within the framework of a Software Development project. You will execute each step of the process, applying good practices and using the most popular tools in the market.
The knowledge acquired in the course “Training of Testers” is carried out, with the aim of developing the fundamental skills for the best performance of the work activity.
For those looking to enter the IT industry or strengthen their skills as Software Tester QA.


This is a certification to incorporate the necessary knowledge to plan and execute software tests on mobile devices.
Specific scenarios that are presented during tests on mobile devices are addressed. The strategies, techniques and tools used in Testing in Mobile Devices are identified.
The new knowledge is put into practice, to fix them and experience their application in the framework of typical software testing activities.

Testing Automation with Selenium Web Driver

Acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully enter the Automated Functional Testing world. It includes not only the use of tools, but above all of the principles and practices of this discipline.
Those who complete the course will be able to implement a comprehensive strategy of functional testing automation, from the planning of this strategy, through the choice of tools, as well as the design, tuning and maintenance of the tests cases in accordance with the best practices in the industry.

Testing Certification Workshop – International Foundation Level

This is a certification for those who want to be prepare to successfully complete the International Foundation Level certification.
Practices are carried out on model exams, to become familiar with the type of questions that must be answered.
Criteria are recognized and understood to identify the correct answers, and distinguish them from those that are not.
The theoretical concepts and fundamentals of Software Testing are reviewed.


This certification is aimed to those who are willing to learn about testing automation and Java programming. Testing automation principles are introduced as well as the process of testing in this method, frameworks used, automation tools, methodologies and lastly all acquired knowledge is applied in an automation workshop. Creation practice and script execution in Selenium and Page Model, with Java and Cucumber are carried out.