I Tools


Micro Focus ALM Suite provides a set of solutions for managing the life cycle of applications allowing:

  • Dynamic management of projects.
  • Quality management.
  • Open code integrations.
  • Information on the life cycle of the application.


ALM Octane

Life Cycle Management for any methodology with the aim of delivering software with speed and quality.

Software ALM

Monitors the Life Cycle of its modern and agile applications.

Quality Center

Achieve consistent quality IT management processes and quality assurance of software.


Micro Focus UFT is a unified and automated functional test software tool that improves the efficiency of manual tests.

  • It allows the accurate detection of objects by means of image-based identification, visual anchors, and integrated OCR software.
  • It opens a real coverage of scripts in different browsers.
  • It is open source with expansion capacity.


STELA is a platform for the robotic automation of software-based processes. A simple language allows to automate actions on applications, which are stored on the platform and can be executed on demand to carry out the process, freeing human resources from repetitive tasks of low added value. The results of the automations are notified to the interested parties, allowing the execution of the process without supervision. The platform enables auditing through the complete record of the executed automations, capturing screens, actions and results, which are reflected in a video, facilitating its review.

Provides a smarter way to support the testing process, with flexible annual licensing and competitive costs:- Possibility of managing the information by project and release.
Possibility of defining test strategies.
– Access management with different levels of users.
– Definition of test scenarios, catalogs and workflows.
– Import / export of test matrices, defects, and reports.
– Testware (allows you to minimize the cost of system development by minimizing or eliminating errors).
– Administration of test cycles and execution plans.
– Management of notifications, start of tests and control of dates.
– Defects registry.
– Generation of reports and metrics.
– Possibility of working in the cloud.


It is a tool which provides support throughout the testing cycles in a fluent way and with a short learning curve. It allows testers to quickly understand its scope, functions and applicability. Besides the testing management, the monitoring of faults and the creation of metrics, it allows to keep the information in the cloud, granting independence of the use of the tool from its scene.

TC ONE supplies a more intelligent way of providing support to the testing process with a flexible annual licensing and competitive prices:

  • Possibility of managing information by project and by release.
  • Possibility of defining testing strategies.
  • Access management with different user levels.
  • Definition of testing scenarios, catalogues and workflows.
  • Import/Export of test matrices, faults and reports.
  • Testware (it allows to reduce the price of system development by minimizing or eliminating faults).
  • Managing testing cycles and action plans.
  • Managing notifications of testing start and date control (sic).
  • Recording faults.
  • Creating reports and metrics.
  • Possibility of cloud working


It is a Framework and automation tool for functional test cases in Mobile applications (Android & IOS) and Web. It can also be useful as help when creating testing data. It allows to build scripts without requiring expertise in programming.

  • Flexible licensing, adaptable to the client.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Decrease in testing time.
  • Quick building of scripts through reuse.
  • Training courses designed for the client’s needs.
  • Linking to most of the testing management tools.
  • Possibility of running individual, in parallel, serial and scheduled scripts.
  • Quick and less expensive maintenance.
  • Automatic creation of testing proof.