Assuring an easy adjustment to the current lifecycle, we adapt our working procedures to every client’s needs.

Our service searches for the improvement of the quality of the software by means of the early detection of faults, the implementation of the right testing practice and efficient communication. The benefits include:

  • Software’s stability and reliability.
  • Validation of the client’s requests.
  • Maintenance cost decrease.
  • Rework decrease.


Stress Testing

By using tools, we simulate multiple and simultaneous users’ hits to a server so as to measure the behaviour of the system in maximum stress.

Performance Testing

We verify response time, consumed resources and resource availability in ordinary working conditions.

Volume Testing

The performance of the system is tested when it is needed to deal with a great amount of data on normal working conditions. Growth of data and its impact in the system are also put to test.

Compatibility Testing

These are tests whose goal is to validate compatibility with different versions of operating systems, web services, databases and other application architecture components.


These are tests whose goal is to validate the software’s correct performance in the different mobile devices in which it is installed. In the case of mobile devices not only should the software’s functionality be tested but also its compatibility with different operating systems, devices and versions. The testing strategy will involve using actual devices or emulators as required in each case, according to the client’s needs and specifications.


We offer the creation of automated test scripts, both with our own TC2 automation tool and with the other main ones available, such as Selenium and UFT, among others.

The strategy consists of the selection of repeatable test cases subject to modification, such as in software regression. With the implementation of automated testing, at the same time we achieve improving the testing coverage, the decrease of runtime and the prices related to repeatable functional testing.


Cloud Testing involves using cloud infrastructure to run software tests. The unlimited storage, the quick availability of the infrastructure with the scalability, the flexibility, and the availability of the environment of the distributed tests reduce the runtime of the testing of big applications and lead to effective solutions.


We aim to improve the quality of the code which is created in the software developing process by the implementation of a mixed review methodology, which includes manual and automatic tests, enabling early detection of program faults and offering solutions.


We provide Outsourcing IT services according to the specific needs of each client and the technology used. To do this, we carry out an intelligent management of the selection processes, so that you can obtain the human talent that will be fundamental for the future of your company, reducing the risks inherent to this activity. You can access professionals located in different countries with different technological and language skills.